What Can Identity Guard Do for My Business?

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    What Can Identity Guard Do for My Business?

The current era of digital threats is more complex and dangerous than any that has come before. Cybercriminals have many ways to harm your business and employees, and attacks on individuals - stealing login credentials, etc. - can quickly turn into corporate threats as people use their personal devices to access company services. At a time when a serious data breach can lead to consequences such as reputation damage, regulatory action and major financial theft, there's no excuse for failing to protect digital assets.

This is where Identity Guard Business Solutions comes in. Rather than limiting protection to any one part of your business, we can help in many different ways: enabling effective responses to data incidents, defending digital resources against suspicious activity and offering identity protection to individuals. With IBM's Watson artificial intelligence technology on board, these capabilities are more advanced than ever, offering cutting-edge solutions for complex problems.

Here are three facets of protection provided by Identity Guard Business Solutions:

1. Breach Response

When your company has been breached, acting quickly and decisively can ward off an expensive, damaging ordeal for your customers. If a problem occurs, Identity Guard can act within minutes rather than hours or days. We will notify affected parties of the issue, obliging your legal requirements and preventing loss of trust due to long periods of silence.

Identity Guard has an internal data breach team with years of experience helping companies deal with various kinds of breaches. These professionals will help administer important corrective actions. Notably, Identity Guard's identity protection services can help keep affected individuals safe from exploitation of their data in the wake of a breach.

2. Data Breach Readiness

For many businesses, it's only a matter of time before they suffer a data breach, so it pays to plan ahead. Identity Guard Business Solutions can use corporate data to detect potential threats and prevent problems wherever and whenever they occur. We offer staff training, which can help ensure their day-to-day duties are performed as safe as possible.

In-house cybersecurity experts are on call to provide suggestions and assistance. From public relations to legal advice to digital forensic work, these professionals have the diverse base of knowledge that companies need to solve today's security threats. Working with Identity Guard is also helpful when it comes to creating an actionable incident response plan.

A server room in a corporate office.

3. Identity Protection As an Employee Benefit

Offering unique benefits to employees is one mark of a thoughtful and conscientious employer. Top talent may be convinced to join your organization if you offer Identity Guard protection to your staff. This kind of identity theft monitoring is designed to detect potential threats and theft incidents, minimizing financial damage to your employees as well as the emotional strain that comes from losing control of personally identifiable information.

When a worker loses his or her personal data to a thief, the risks are plentiful. They may suffer productivity losses while trying to contain the problem. Furthermore, the stolen identity credentials could be used to log in to corporate systems and turn a personal breach into a financial attack on your business. For these reasons and more, identity protection makes sense for your workers.

Now with IBM Watson

Identity Guard Business Solutions are evolving with the times. We've partnered with IBM to create more advanced detection and response systems. The amount of information being transferred online is exponentially larger than it was even a few years ago. No person can sift through the data unaided, which increases the risk of threats occurring, obscured by the sheer volume of content.

But with IBM Watson, Identity Guard tools are now more powerful than ever, detecting huge quantities of data to determine when and where companies or individuals are at risk. These algorithms are primed to become better over time and continue to be a strong countermeasure to cybercriminals. For more information, contact Identity Guard today.

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