Keep Your Employees Happy with Benefits

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    Keep Your Employees Happy with Benefits

Is work loyalty all about the number of zeroes on a paycheck, or is there something more to it? This is an age-old question for company owners, and in today's increasingly competitive labor market, it's a very pertinent concept to approach.

Not only should organizational leaders consider offering increased packages of benefits to their employees, they should also potentially rethink just what qualifies as a good benefit. In today's tech-centric world, the list of potentially game-changing perks has increased.

For example, with worry of identity theft on the rise, there is a high chance that employees will be targeted. Being able to offer protection against this modern threat - and the peace of mind that can accompany it - may represent a true loyalty boost.

The impact of benefits

Before getting into the exact nature of today's digital-centric perks, it pays to take a look at the overall impact of giving employees specific advantages beyond salary. Companies with good perks packages stand a better chance at attracting the top candidates in their respective fields. A good hire could be a difference-maker in competitive terms, and being able to list concrete advantages of signing on with a particular company is a way to make that employer stand out.

Organizations with impressive benefits tend to thrive over time, in addition to experiencing short-term success at hiring new talent. Workers receiving a list of perks tend to feel they are being noticed and appreciated by leadership, rather than serving as cogs in a machine. Furthermore, they'll be more likely to stay over time, sticking with the company that values them rather than jumping to a similar competitor.

Why identity protection?

Modernizing the list of perks to include services such as identity monitoring and restoration is a reflection of the reality of business today. Hackers have discovered that there is money to be made from stealing identities, whether they're attacking individuals, stealing company employee information or cracking businesses for consumer records. The sheer amount of attacks each year, coupled with the fact that the most common types of attacks are always changing and becoming more difficult to manage, should convince businesses and employees alike to be cautious.

The Identity Theft Resource Center explained that phishing aimed at businesses is an increasingly prominent method of attack when looking at recent data. The source explained that 85 percent of companies reported that hackers had attempted to phish their data in 2016. Hackers are keeping up their focus on this method because it has been producing results - the Identity Theft Resource Center noted that when data is successfully stolen from companies, the criminals often use the info to file fraudulent tax returns.

Making the connection

People today don't want to become the victims of identity theft - the negative financial consequences can stick with them for a long time. When there is a way to receive protection through a perks package at work, that factor could positively motivate workers to become more secure in the daily habits. In a world where more people are becoming targets of hackers and cybercriminals, identity theft protection is a less abstract concept than in years past.

What kind of elements go into identity protection and monitoring for employees? These plans can include several different but related protection types, ranging from credit monitoring ro restoration for those who have recently fallen victim to a theft. This multifaceted approach is especially helpful, as coverage that continures to assit someone when they actually becomes a target of identity theft may help them feel more support in a tough time.

Contact Identity Guard Business Solutions to determine how identity protection services can help your company. Adopt this modern approach to employee perks, one that reflects the reality of the digital age.

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