Companies Need Data Breach Standby Services

  • Companies Need Data Breach Standby Services

Data breaches are not a new phenomenon, nor are their occurrences expected to decline in the near future. Many companies across the country are already aware of the negative implications data breaches could have on their sales, brand and reputation. While there are those taking steps to protect themselves against potential data breaches, malicious hackers are finding more creative ways to access valuable information.

As many cyber thieves have access to new emerging tools and strategies, companies cannot afford to wait for an attack to occur to create a data breach response plan. Waiting this long could be extremely detrimental for companies in regard to a loss of public trust and overall funds. Businesses may be required to enlist the help of professionals who offer data breach standby services to their customers should a hacking event occur.

The critical 24-hour window

Businesses must be prepared to respond at a moment’s notice, as a swift response is vital. The first 24 hours after an attack are the most crucial time in any data breach - creating a data breach process or checklist for these situations could help eliminate confusion and frenzy in the aftermath of a breach.

Engaging a data breach standby service with identity protection products can help a company respond quickly and offer support in a time where customers are feeling vulnerable and exposed. With a data breach standby service, you company can be prepare to act promptly and in the best interest of the business in the customers.

The need for data breach standby services

Without data breach standby services, customers could experience a large amount of uncertainty in the aftermath of a serious data breach alone. While the company is dealing with internal security issues and recovery process, it's important to show the customer that the business cares for their patronage. Creating comprehensive teams that can address the problem from different angles such as security, legal, IT, PR and HR can help support initial response efforts.

Take preemptive steps

Aside from enlisting the help of a data breach specialist, companies should conduct preemptive audits and assessments to identify real-world vulnerabilities in their systems. This could not only help minimize the risk of a breach, but it will provide IT and security teams with an in-depth understanding of what to expect. This way, if a breach occurs, the company can react as quickly and efficiently as possible with the help of data breach standby services.

When responding to a data breach effectively, having data breach standby services available to customers affected by a hack in a timely manner can help customers maintain faith in your business and view your dedication to your consumer base.

Contact the Identity Guard Business Solutions team today to learn more about setting up a breach response plan and how engaging a data breach standby service that provides identity theft protection to customers after a breach can help mitigate some damage to your brand and company.

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