What Data Breach Services Can Do After Your Company Experiences a Breach

  • What Data Breach Services Can Do After Your Company Experiences a Breach

Businesses of all sizes face an unfortunate reality these days: the possibility that they will be the target of the next data breach. A major problem is that many smaller companies remain vulnerable to these types of attacks, as they don't have the budget to sustain proper data protection.

For this reason, it’s vital that organizations find different ways to cope with the data security threats they face. Government data states that there are 28 million small businesses in operation across the country, and many of them are concerned with these types of threats.

A big issue for any business

After a data breach occurs, business will often find themselves in a frenzy, juggling how to increase security in case another hack occurs and how to retain customer loyalty in the wake of potential information exposures. Customer retention is where data breach services can help.

In the wake of a breach, companies can face media scrutiny for their data handling practices and their security measures, or the lack there of that allowed a breach to occur. But customers are interested in their information, and how the leaking of this data could affect their lives, especially financially.

A data breach service could help business stem the flow of customers who often rush to distance themselves from a breached company by offering then the protection they need to move forward.

Data breaches affect more than just workers

Offering identity theft protection as a data breach service to customers can help them take a more proactive role in recovering from a data breach. After determining which customers or clients are affected, companies should partner with a company that is experienced with on boarding many individuals at one time.

Fortunately, data breach services from Identity Guard Business Solutions can go a long way toward addressing those concerns. When businesses suffer breaches, they tend to offer these services as a way for customers to monitor their sensitive information on an ongoing basis, or to potentially spot certain activity that may indicate fraud.

If your company is affected by a data breach, don't hesitate to take the next step and offer protection to your customers whose information may have been exposed. Be prepared and learn more about how Identity Guard Business Solutions can help support you as you help to protect your customers.

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