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Innovation. Trust. Excellence. These are the driving forces at Identity Guard® in our journey to bring proactive identity protection services with unparalleled expertise in our industry. Our services help educate and empower individuals and organizations to protect themselves from the growing threats of identity fraud. As the need for information protection grows, we continue to provide comprehensive services that enable our customers to react and protect sensitive information from evolving technological threats.

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To educate and empower every person to take control of their personal information to protect it from fraud, theft or misrepresentation.

Our Story

In 1996, Identity Guard® ’s founding company Intersections Inc. was one of the first to establish the identity theft protection industry in a colossal effort to help consumers protect their identities. Through partnerships with major banks and other financial institutions, Intersections Inc. protected consumers through co-branding and white-labeled products, undergoing annual audits and setting the bar for compliance and data security standards.

Over a decade ago, Intersections Inc. recognized the need to bring identity protection directly to consumers and created Identity Guard® — providing the same high-quality identity protection previously available only through financial institutions. Since then, Identity Guard® has evolved to keep up with the quickly changing landscape of identity fraud, addressing the privacy and data protection needs of both individuals and businesses.

Stepping into the future, Identity Guard® has partnered with the world’s most recognizable artificial intelligence, IBM Watson™. Combining our company’s experience of protecting more than 47 million identities for over 20 years with the cognitive computing of IBM Watson, we are building products that can help detect threats more quickly, provide personalized guidance, and help customers be proactive about their identity protection.

Our innovations are not exclusive to our direct to consumer solutions. We’re also helping organizations prepare for the almost inevitable threat of a data breach through our new, groundbreaking service, Data Breach Readiness, which provides businesses of all sizes with the tools to monitor their data, train employees on cybersecurity, scan for threats, and plan a breach response — all in one product.

Why Identity Guard®


For over 20 years, our company has partnered with some of the biggest names in the financial industry, protecting more than 47 million customers and resolving 130 thousand cases of identity fraud. Our website has been recognized in the Online Trust Audit and Honor Roll by the Online Trust Alliance six years in a row for implementing the best practices in data security and privacy.

As one of the leading providers of data breach response services, employee benefits programs and individual consumer products, we are committed to providing proven quality and trustworthy services to help organizations and individuals protect their most valuable assets.

We are proud to deliver products and services that meet the contemporary needs of organizations and consumers alike. From protecting the individual identities of employees to assisting a company preemptively prepare for a data breach, Identity Guard® strives to help all engaged in our services.

Identity Guard® & Intersections Inc.

Identity Guard® is provided by Intersection Inc. (NASDAQ:INTX), a Delaware Corporation that has been a leader in the identity protection space since 1996. In the past 2 decades, Intersections Inc. has protected more than 47 million US consumers.

Total Protection® earns #1 on Kiplinger’s Personal Finance ‘The Best’ List for 2015 Best ID Protection Service

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